Protect Your Basement From Water Damage

Keep your belongings dry with basement waterproofing in Warrenton, Manassas & Fredericksburg, VA

Water seeping into your basement can cause a variety of problems. It can weaken and damage your foundation and walls. It can also ruin your belongings, flooring and furniture. If you're trying to sell your home, buyers will see water in the basement as a big red flag. Take advantage of basement waterproofing services from Basement Solutions. We're located in Warrenton and serve all of northern Virginia. We've been waterproofing basement walls, floors and foundations for over 10 years. We'll come to your home and install a professional waterproofing system that will keep your foundation and belongings dry.

Keep your basement dry with basement waterproofing services in the Warrenton, VA area.

4 common waterproofing issues

4 common waterproofing issues

Seeing water in your basement is never a good sign. How do you know for sure if you need to have professional waterproofing done?

Look out for these issues:

  1. Water seeping in where the floor meets the wall
  2. Water leaking through cracks in the floor
  3. Water pooling in your basement
  4. Wet or damp basement walls
These signs point to a serious seepage issue that can lead to more damage over time. Waterproofing basement walls, ceilings and floors is a quick process that'll keep your interior space dry for years to come.

Speak with a basement waterproofing contractor in Warrenton, Manassas & Fredericksburg, VA for help.